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Here are our workshop descriptions.   Be sure and check these out to decide which one you'd like to attend!  Remember that everyone will be attending Stu Fuchs' afternoon workshop, so that you'll only be selecting a single workshop for the first session when you register.

Workshop 1 - Cathy Fink

Play by Ear – Paper Free!

You CAN do it. You were BORN with ear training, and Cathy can show you how to make it work for you! What key do I sing in? How do I know what chord to play? Where are the notes to this song?  You will be amazed at how easy it is to take your eyes off the page and start training your ear to play what you want.



Workshop 1 - Marcy Marxer

Closed Chord Confidence for Intermediate Players

Closed Chords are magic on the ukulele.  Play closed chords with confidence by joining us as we work up and down the fingerboard. This class welcomes baritone uke players as well.

Workshop 1 - Thom of the Shruti Nadis

Plays Well With Others!

This workshop lays down the basics of rhythm, time structure, and most importantly, the groove! Created for ukulele participants as well as percussionists, this workshop will bring new life to your strumming by teaching how to figure out the beats and pace of a song. We’ll dive into several different classic rhythms to use for many of the songs most already know. It teaches you how to get folks up to dance! We recommend that you bring either a shaker or a small drum to work on the beats. You should also have your ukulele with you, and maybe your dancing shoes!

Workshop 1 - Amy Ferebee

Very Beginner Ukulele

An Introduction to The Ukulele for the true beginner!

Grab your uke and get ready to have fun launching your ukulele journey!  Learn some basic chords and play some easy songs on this friendly little instrument. Try out right hand strategies to strum or pick with your fingers. Find out about available resources for pursuing your life as a ukulele player!   

Workshop 1 - Stu Kindle

A Strum for Every Occasion!

Tired of playin' that same old strum?! Looking to add the spice of variety to your ukulele strumming?! Well look no longer!  In this clinic, Stu Kindle will show you a variety of different strumming patterns and variations to better suit the rhythmic feel any song! His jovial approach to music makes this clinic a fun and excitingly informative course for any skill level of ukulele player!

Workshop 1 - Debbe and Steve Peck

Vocals - Take Your Singing to the Next Level

How to use arrangement, harmony and dynamics to make your singing more fun and interesting.

Workshop 2 - Stu Fuchs - All attendees are registered for this one.

The Life & Times of Chuck Berry: Rock 'n' Roll for Ukulele

Learn the stylistic nuances of rock n' roll on your Uke!  We’ll play lots of fun and easy songs from the Father of Rock n Roll, Chuck Berry.  By exploring songs from Chuck’s deep catalogue and applying Stu’s “Uke-a-billy” method you’ll give your ukulele playing that classic rock 'n’ roll style & edge.  You’ll learn new rhythms, melodic licks that can be used to solo, and learn to improve your ability to strum and sing at the same time.  In addition, you’ll gain an insight into the creative ways Chuck Berry weaves storytelling and rhythm & blues to help create the style of Rock n Roll music.

“If you tried to give Rock 'n’ Roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’ ” - John Lennon

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